Total Websites Ltd offers flexible web site design services that can be customised to suit your requirements. We currently offer:

  • Lite:               $1495 +GST
  • Starter:          $1995 + GST
  • Economy:     $2995 + GST
  • Premium:     $3495 + GST
  • The Works:   $4995 +GST

To help keep your costs down, you’ll need to supply us with a number of important items:

  1. Website addresses of at least 3 web sites that you like and the reasons as to why you like the design;
  2. Relevant keywords that relate to your product and/or service.  This is NOT likely to include your business name, but rather, words that your potential customers might use to look for a product that is similar or complimentary to the products/services you sell;
  3. Existing marketing materials that you already use including (but not limited to) your positioning statement, your logo, corporate colour scheme(s), brochures, business cards, and the like;
  4. Textual content – including page content, broken into paragraphs, with headings etc. as a .txt or html file.


Design Packages

Phase 1 – Design

  1. Information Architecture – this includes development of a Sitemap and ‘Masterplan’. This stage will require a sign-off by the customer.
  2. Graphic Design – including visual and functional page layout and branding, menu design, and overall website ‘look-and-feel’.

Phase 2 – Web Development

  1. Design Cut Up – this involves using the graphic images created in Phase 1 and ‘cutting them up’ in a manner that allows for presentation as a website.
  2. Coding – once ‘cut up’, the images and textual content will be incorporated into a web site layout with the necessary programming code. This includes one round of text revisions).

Phase 3 – Content Management

Depending upon the requirement to regularly edit content on your website, you may like to consider using a Content Management System. Total Websites Ltd has several options available.


Additional Services

Domain Name Registration

We’ll register any available domain name


If you need website textual content written or reviewed, we offer expert copywriting services. Ask us for a quotation.